About Maisha

For the past 11 years, Maisha has listened, encouraged and empowered friends, family, and soldiers. While sitting in her office one day, she realized that it was in this practice of caring encouragement that she found her greatest joy. She found herself ready to share what she learned with women who were facing the same struggles. Now, she brings her passion for helping others to her latest creation, a life coaching service called Transforming the Pieces.


Maisha is a Certified Christian Life Coach. All during the time she was learning the principles and practice of life coaching as a part-time student, Maisha continued to run her business, hold down a full-time job, and fulfill her roles of wife and mother. She also received her certification though Light University in 2015.

Life Experience

Maisha’s life experiences have made her uniquely qualified to coach women and teenage girls as they move through life’s challenges. She knows firsthand the painful, energy-sapping quest of women to be perfect in every aspect of their busy lives, to give our utmost to everyone in our lives, leaving nothing for ourselves. She has lived through the experience of pouring out everything to others at home, on the job, at church, and even at the grocery store. Mentoring her now 15-year-old daughter, Maisha realized the joy of helping teenaged girls and seeing them shine as a result. Through it all, she has developed strength, wisdom and commitment to her life goals. With Transforming the Pieces, she shares what she has learned on her journey.


As a dedicated and innovative life coach, Maisha is committed to sharing the journeys of adult women who want to be their best for other people as well as for themselves. She works with teenaged girls to help them feel more comfortable in their skins, enjoy greater self-esteem, and know their own human value inside and out.