Life Coaching for Mother-Daughter Relationships

Mothers and daughters can enjoy deep bonds that begin at the daughter’s birth and never end. Yet, some mothers and daughters never seem to connect, or if they do, the bonds can sever during the storms of adolescence. At Transforming the Pieces, the goal for mother-daughter coaching is to help both of them learn to appreciate, enjoy and support each other.

Fostering a Lasting Relationship

Maisha works with mothers and daughters to heal mother-daughter relationships that have been damaged because of trauma or just the emotional pain of growing up and growing older. By inspiring the mothers and daughters to examine and improve their relationship, Maisha helps them to develop and strengthen their connection with each other. They learn the value of the relationship and come to understand the immense worth each of them has for each other and for the world.

Change Starts Here!

Mothers and daughters can access the wisdom and courage that lies within them to create a lasting relationship. Although the rift may be deep, positive focused attention can repair it if the mother and daughter have excellent guidance. At Transforming the Pieces, Maisha gives both of them many opportunities to forgive each other for past wrongs, learn to live more peacefully together, and reconnect for the long term.

Because the open, nonjudgmental coach validates the feelings of both mother and daughter while teaching them better ways to interact, a new and more beautiful relationship can emerge between them. There is no better time and place than to start on the road to better communication and appreciation than right now at Transforming the Pieces. Change truly does start here!

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