Life Coaching for Teen Girls

At Transforming the Pieces, the teen girl coaching program is designed to help young women see their personal strengths, value, and inner beauty. Maisha works with each girl, teaching her to live the life she most wants to live, both as a teenager and throughout her life.

Maisha believes that to be effective, life coaching for teen girls must address the challenges and opportunities every young woman faces. It must inspire them to move forward with a dream that is as unique as they are. Maisha holds these truths in mind as she engages teen girls in transparent conversations, giving them a safe place to be free to discuss their issues openly, explore their amazing potential, and make choices that make sense for them.

Individual Coaching

Individual one-on-one coaching focuses on your needs and desires as a teen girl. You learn how to have more control over your life and the choices you make as you respond to its challenges. You become inspired to reach for your greatest dreams while staying present in the here-and-now. You have every opportunity to discuss your frustrations and personal problems freely and openly. Yet, the goal is not to wallow in self-pity, but to learn how to turn these difficult issues into opportunities for personal growth.

Discovering You

You are a unique individual, a unique teenaged girl with unique capabilities. You are beautiful in a distinct way that is duplicated nowhere else in nature. Working with Maisha as your coach, you can learn to understand and appreciate everything that makes you the beautiful person that you truly are. Every session offers chances to learn more about yourself, overcome your weaknesses, deal with your challenges, and discover your strengths.

Boosting Your Self-Esteem

The teenage years can be difficult to navigate. So many times, teen girls deny themselves the pleasure of feeling good about themselves. Other teens are not always kind, and family members may not seem to understand what they are going through. Yet, as Maisha guides and inspires you, you can learn that it is okay to love who you are. More than that, it is essential to your well-being both now and in the future. You receive validation that you are a valuable person. The boost to your sense of self-worth can start you on a wonderful journey towards a successful and happy adulthood.