How to Find the Right Accountability Partner

Women who want to move forward in their lives with the help of a life coach can overcome their challenges by finding the right accountability partner. Viable choices are often limited for women who want to work with someone who understands their minds, emotions, and what society expects of them. They need someone who can help them commit to reaching for their highest goals, be beside them throughout their journey, and celebrate their victories from the perspective of someone who appreciates their efforts.

What Is an Accountability Partner?

You may have heard the term “accountability partner” being used in diet and exercise programs. This just refers to someone who you can tell your goals and who pays attention to whether you are meeting them. They expect you to follow through with your plans no matter what difficulties may arise. At the same time, they can offer encouragement, inspiration and support as you struggle to make a life change.

Why Accountability Matters

Accountability is extremely important whenever you’re making a major life change. Old habits are hard to break. You may be tempted to abandon your goals if no one knows about them or seems to care whether you fulfill them or not. When you hold yourself accountable to someone, it becomes easier to follow through, even when it would seem most logical to put your dreams on hold. You person who is holding you accountable can reveal your faulty logic and help you remember why you started toward your goal in the first place.

Finding the Best Partner

Many people choose accountability partners that are already a part of their lives. These partners may be friends, relatives, spouses or coworkers. While it’s possible that such a person might help you, a better choice is usually a certified professional such as a women’s life coach. Here are a few qualities of life coaches that make them better option:


Someone who is not a part of your day-to-day life can look at your challenges, thoughts, and behaviors without bias or personal interest. If you decide to change jobs, your life coach shows interest, but they don’t have any personal stake in whether you stay at your old job or move on to the next. So, they have a more objective and realistic view of whether the move would be right for you.

Accepts No Excuses

Your friends, family and spouse love you very much. Their inclination is usually to protect you from suffering. A personal coach doesn’t want you to suffer, but she encourages you to face whatever you need to overcome, despite the temporary pain and suffering you may endure. A spouse may say, “you don’t need to do that. I’ll take care of you.” A life coach never will.

Trained to Help with Life Changes

If you choose a life coach who is a certified professional, you get the benefit of their training and experience. Your family members may want you to succeed and may try to encourage you. Yet, they usually don’t know the tips, techniques and methods that make it possible for you to cross that hurdle. In fact, they often unintentionally make matters worse. A certified life coach for women is better equipped to help you keep moving towards your goal until you succeed.

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